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Flash Review: There She Is!! final step

There She Is!! final step is one really great flash film. I my self felt happier inside after watching this film, which is kind of hard for a flash artist to succeed with, but this film did whit no problem.

The art work what can u say? It was "simple" and at the same time Perfect! What I mean whit simple is that the characters didn't have so much of shading, But I know that this type of animation a way much better of like this so it's not a problem at all.

I didn't see any glitches or anything wrong whit this film. Nothing did really go all lag everything went/ played of really smooth. I saw that the film was about that this Cat and the bunny are in love, but others find it offensives, but they don't care about it, and that's what's making this wonderful story. Which I found to be really great for the whole creation of the film in the first place.

The music did really fit in to the flash film, some sounds and moment's where really synchronized whit the hole film. And one more thing it was a really big credit and thank you list! Haha but still I really love the animation style and the storyline.

So I give There She Is!! final step

Graphic: 9/10
Washable: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Length: 10/10

Overall: 10/10


HAHA I have seen the Original one! :P hehe u did a Fantastic jobb man love the Pablo joke's he's great!, make more off this it's Tight!


HAHA!! I really loved that part, when Shadow got soooo pist off =], and then when Sonic said "so what are u gonna do break my arms?"......and he did HAHAHA!

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It is great but it can be better

The game is great but 4 no reason so are u only using 2 cartage? why?? I can make better High score. But I had 2 use 2 instate off 3? Still WHY?? :/

I votede 5/5
And now 7/10


Now there did even I learnd somthing =]

It was ok

it was ok nothing special doe :/ I think

eXillmatic responds:

2/10 = ok then? try a little higher next time, 2/10 = 1/5 = blammed . . . ok would be a 4/10-6/10 . . . learn to use scales properly, then come back.

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This is the best part frome the FF VII! U have made a good song! I like it!

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