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Vel0x's News

Posted by Vel0x - June 7th, 2011

So guy's my spring break officially starts kinda today!!

So now I'll have FULL time on working on my ever lasting project Madness Synothium (M.S)
As you may or may not know I've been working and working son on to get shiit straight. I'm very pleased to tell you guys that I've kinda reached my full potential and I an no OFFICIALLY start to work on the project.

I have fixed the story, characters and ther Bio's and stuff you know.
No I all got to do is update my characters, so there's a WHOLE LOT to draw I beryl got Jace to no look the way I want I'm pleased over the final version off him.

So I would do a really long update but I need to tell these important parts/ plans that I'm working on here I'll keep these updated so check the progress kinda weekly to check for eventual progress:
(I ill definitely prioritize them in order)

Madness Synothium Progress:
1st Movie: 0,0%
2nd: Trailer: 0,0%
3d: Opening 0,0%:
Character updates:
Normal Jace 87%
Ninja Jace 100% COMPLETE!%
Synothium Jace 76%
Jade +91%!!!

Rei 68%!!!!% Beta Stage
[Working on this] (Progress!)

Kenji 0,0%
All Agent's 54%
BG's 4%
Synothium Officers: 0,0%
Effects Library: 100%
Sound Library: 100%
Voice Library: 31%
Movie Script: 23%
Story Script: 93%
Character's Bio: 78%
HD- Hand sprite: +27%

So I'll keep this page weekly updated I'll put "(Progress)" around somewhere whenever I'm making progress on anything. Right no my main focus is getting the characters ready then I'll move on to the BG section and so on.

So I'm off now P.M me if ou got any Q's

P.S! I'm currently looking for V.A's (Voice actors) if you think you got the voice for any off my character's then send me a mail @

In tilted:
"Character's name: That you think you can VA as" and whit the sound file (.mp3 or .wav) format that you save whit when you mail me. Bellow you will find what line the specific character is saying:
Say the lines in various way you can even change them a bit to fit you. Say the line sad, angry, cool and so on improvise the best you can to fit the characters.

Last note: This request is only for volunteer fun meaning do not expect to get paid or anything BUT if the film is a success then I'll offer gift's feature on.
- Jace:
Full name: Jace Alkali
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Region: N/A
Current country: Russia, Moskov
No confirmation on their whereabouts, but the prisoner said: "They are here".".

- Dr.Prox
Full name: Adam Prox
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Region: Uk
Current country: USA Washington
When I first discovered the Synothium it was beyond what I've very imagined.

- Sargent Wallace
Full name: Wallace Lockdown
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Region: USA
Current country: USA Washington
One of the Synothium officers
So this is the fucker who's caused all the commotion.... Welcome back Jace.

- Major Pain
Full name: Vincent Pain
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Region: N/A
Current country: N/A
One of the Synothium officers
Major Pain reporting. Alice what do we got on todays schedule?

- Colonel Roy
Full name: Roy Phenom
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Region: USA
Current country: USA Washington
One of the Synothium officers
Can't believe that you would betray us... The Phenom family shows no pity nor mercy for the likes of you.

- General George
Full name: George Frostcloud
Age: 53
Gender: Male
Region: USA
Current country: USA, Washington
One of the Synothium officers
He's near... I sense his presence. *breathe out* It's almost been thirteen years.

- Brigadier Lena
Full name: Lena Aqueena
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Region: Japan & USA
Current country: USA, Washington
One of the Synothium officers

- Commander Vex
Full name: Lady Vex
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Region: UK
Current country: USA, Washington
One of the Synothium officers
I know that bitch dislikes me, but I really don't care... I'm not taking orders from you

- Jade:
Full name: Jade Williams
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Region: USA & Russia
Current country: Washington, USA
Rei stop messing around! why not tell the rest off the guards that we are here.

- Kenji
Full name: Kenji Kabara
Age: N/A
Gender: N/A
Region: N/A
Current country: N/A
Bio: N/A
They are here....

- Rie
Full name: Rie Kanzaki
Code name: Zero
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Region: Korea
Current country: Russia, Moskva
Bio: N/A
Time to go beast mode on this punk, heey Jace you ready check me out!

Enjoy the VIP not 100% finished Madness Synothium poster!


Posted by Vel0x - October 17th, 2010

Sup 2 years I know ^^'

But 1 st off if you don't feel like reading the whole thing i strongly suggest that you go "Ctrl + C"
Copy any of these:
Then go "Ctrl + F" n paste in ^^
[NOTE: YOU AREN'T ALLWOED TO TRY TO STEAL MY WORK THAT I'M SHEARING. If I notice any type off hack or stealing Madness Synothium will be cancelled and will NEVER appear on NG or any opther site!]


[Madness Synothium]:

SO yeah i know i got a whole looooooooooot of shiit to explain ^^' but don't kille me let me explain 1st :p
So yeah let's go back aaaaaaaaall tha way to 08/09 I said that I was going to release Madness Resurrection with is no "Madness Synothium" (i'll explain that as well :p) Yeah I can't really not remember what happened or why i didn't do much. 4 the same reason i felt 2 years ago I wanna do it then naaa. It's not that i won't do it don't get me wrong xD it's that I feel like it then i lose it just like that u know.

So nothing happened generally BUT this year I feelt differnt the story stared to evolve same whit the Chr's everything stared to come the point that I'd fellt that everything was falling into place.

Do yall remembered hen i said that I did found out a new way to draw in flash the "HD Technique" well i'm F***ing glad i waited. I allways knew that there could be an way to draw ANYTHING! add billions off details and still make sure flash was keepin it all smoothly. So now I can add all my details n have to barely worry about any laaaag what so ever.

[Madness Synothium]:

Madness Synothium now have about 20 Different and unique characters!!
I'll show a few of them and you can tell me what yall think ;)
I have some artwork as well that i'll put up:
More Chr's ill bee reveled later on:

Story yeas I'm having a really hard time figuring out the story and the animation/ how the film are going to start and stuff.
Same goes on how long the hole thing is going to be I might do as much as I can and want to show you guys and then HEN the shiit is out won't take long until the next one is out as well cuzz then I know where I an pick off from and stuff.
So I'm doing the best I can, but ppl wanted me just to go "gunz blazin" hahah but for me that's not what I ant but i'll make the best I can and see if I'm planing on using voice actors (VA) or not e will see ;)

But I kinda have figured out what I'm going for when it comes to the intro :p

All you need to kno here is that I AM WORKING ON IT just have sum issues on starting plus I have to put it on hold for a bit cuzz I'm not doing ell in school ^^'

I'll put "Edit" here or sum if I'm going to update this news then scroll don here and see if anything is updated or added.

I promised a friend as well to post something ^^ if u guys like Zombies and guns and MMO you should decently check this game out I think it's free to play :p
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg2Na3m be70&feature=player_embedded

Well thisg outta keep yall busy for a while I ould guess a week xD
I hope longer ^^ But see you guys PM me
-[Peace out]-

Any Q's?
Leave a comment:

2 Years summery

Posted by Vel0x - August 10th, 2009

Sup Yall here we go again..... Sry but I bring u some REALLY! Bad news's....and some little good news's
1st of all I know Madness Resurrection has been delayed for almost a year. I know that many has been kept on asking me the same question over and over again. The main Q that everyone have is this one:
When will Madness Resurrection release?:
Now I said back on MD-08 that it should be out on winter... never happened then summer 'nope still nothing' and now what?. So what I can really say is that it's good that the Project has been delayed for several reasons and they are:

1. Over the time I started to realize that the only reason I ever released the trailer was cuzz I wanted to show people my madness version and story.

2. One thing that is also taking much time now is drawing... Drawing and detail is something that I really LOVE seriously. So drawing a completely new Madness style that have never been tested before is really hard to animate whit.

3. I noticed yet again later on that the so called "muscle body" was a bit to wide so I change it a bit so they won't look to fat like others say -.-' anyway.... I also tested new ways to make the head turn 360 and after a while it worked so now I won't need those old 6-5 angled head's. So now my character's can look around normally and smoothly, I also did draw back the old style of the body's cuzz not everyone can be buffed up will look to odd u know -.- I manage to do the same thing whit the body's on the old school one as whit the head. I can tell pain in the as and worked nicely now in the end.

4. Now the secret stuffs: I never ever had a solid story line on M.r don't know why... THAT'S THE MAIN REASON WHY IT'S TAKING TO FUCKING LOONG. So over several months I tried and tried to came up whit something.... But never did so I canceled the hole shiit (whiteout telling u) cuzz I thought it was hopeless... then one day (sounds like a story hahahah) I remember that my friend Sto0g3 (creator of Maximum Ninja) asked me like a day before I released the trailer if I ever wanted any help. And after waiting for a few days he replayed and was willing to help me whit the main story line.

So over gmail we posted and I told him what I hade and so on and I don't know why but for some reason I felt while talking to him that everything was clear I mean every time this guy told me some of he's Ideas everything started to become much more clear. And later on I almost had a solid storyline all had to fix was the intro and then PANG the shiiit could be done within a few days. So after all that I was so exited and so happy.

So then one day I hade to move whit my mom and dad to a new place and guess what? NO FUCKING INTERNET! They had told us that they was going to fix it and now it has been over 22days I think now they say they are going to fix it until the 16th of august I went mad and fucking crazy! But after like 4 days after we moved in I didn't know what to do.... I couldn't play Gears now (Ain't that a bitch?) so then I just went on flash cuzz I couldn't do much.

5. Now comes the good new's!: (that's all what yall been waiting for haven't u :P haha)
So I had been working on the project and then went back on it to give it a shot I had so much drawing to do that 0.o (I fucking didn't know it was this much shiiit) So I stranded to upgrade every character (again) but I made them look better and more realistic then before and in better quality so was happy :)

Then after that I started a bit on the intro and got stuck cuzz as I said it was a gap between in the intro the rest of the story is written ;) then it hit me again I knew what I hap to do to get away from the mess. So now I'm so close of finishing the intro and starting whit the story line as planned.
Now one of my fans I guess told me that it is best if I release M.r on Md-09 cuzz he told me that I have a much bigger chance of showing of. But the thing is I wanted to avoid releasing it on that day cuzz I'm not for the fame like some people do. I don't want some people to think that 'yeah he released it cuzz it's madness day otherwise he would not have released it' don't think like that ok. Plzz...

So now Madness Resurrection MUST I repeat MUST! Be out on Madness Day 09 22nd of September...... Thank you!
And always gotta let u have something right ;) here's a PiC of my Madness/ Newgrounds sponser tnak that Krinkels (I think wanted people to have in there film) version:

The Pic is kinda fucked up whit the pixels I'll fix it later....
There we go much better :D hahah and I got my Internet back to day yay!

New place + no Internet = Lazy + Fucked up!

Posted by Vel0x - April 15th, 2009

Alright homie's fans h8ter's Sup yall!

I gotta say to you what have been happening l8tly and answer some Q's u might ask.....

Q: When is Madness Resurrection coming out?
A: I really don't know.... sens I have been gone for a while I don't want to release it on Madness day. So I now I think I can answer that Q...... Before madness day.

Q: How much Have u done on the project?
A: I have worked and really focused on this project and try things to get it right and all that...... What I can say is that if u really liked the trailer or had was not really sure if did like it. I can now say that I have grew and some scenes from the trailer ain't gonna be in the film.... "/
And the film will look now even much more better :D

Q: What have u been up to lately. I haven't heard from u for a while. Are u dead or something?
A: -.- No I'm not dead or anything.... I have just played Gears of war 2 (GOW2) like a motherfucker x)
hahah But I just wanna retch a specific leve and then I'll go ahead and work whit madness.... So what I can say is that it's my fault that I have been playing GOW2 the hole time..... That's whhy I haven't done anything.

Q: I thing your madness character's are fat
A: WTF!? I really need yall guys to answer this Q for me I have a reason why I use this style but... What do u think? Please be honest and send me a PM about that.... I think they all look nice if u ask me :P

And yeah I was kinda bored one day while I worked whit flash so I uppgraded Dante but I'll ses I can draw him in every angel whit this new drawing technique. I call it the HD Technique So this is just a pose of Dante :P I gotta leave yall whit something riiight ;)

I call it......

Posted by Vel0x - January 28th, 2009

Madness Resurrection is kind of coming together so hold on guy's & homie's..... I don't promise shiiit ok.

I have done some shiit on it l8tly but homie's my weekend is over so I can't work on my madness project full time... :'(

So what I have to do is to work on it under night's cuzz my father really kinda have banned me from flash xD but not literal ok :P...... He want me to study hard on school now so that's what I have to do. But I don't have that much to do so I'm really :D so that is = to more time on Flash! Yay! :D

I can start to talk a little about Madness Resurrection (M.r):

I have made some changes as I have work on the story and I finally think I have come up whit something :P. But I hope I will have enough whit madness in the film and still make it really great :P.

about m.r so haven't I really kinda tough about a ending. But I don't really think that it's gonna be a problem so it's aiight.

Now then about my other Secret project that I'm working on part time....... I will say and still keep it as a secret cuzz I don't know if I'll ever finish it.

BUT!! I can reveal that it's a sprite film..... NOTHING MORE until I know 4 real aiight ;P

Higher res on the PiC:
http://vel0x.deviantart.com/art/Madnes s-Resurrection-Wallpaper-111038348
So Homie's I got 2 go!
-[Peace'n Love ur Boy Leroy]-

Madness History Will Be Made....

Posted by Vel0x - December 24th, 2008

Sup Homies!
-[It's Your Boy Velox aka Leroy!]-

Ok Listen It's Been a loooooooong time sens I have Uppdated my new's so I'll tell yall what I have done aiiight!

1. About Madness Resurrection (M.r)
- I haven't done So mutch on it for some reason but still have made some progress.
The good thing doe is that some scens are starting to come together :D
I'm starting to understandable how to really make this film great, hopefully understandeabel and awssom as yall want it.

-But still I have to dealy the kinda promise time that the shiit was going to be done in new year but I'll try to work onn it over the weekend doe....

- Oh! And I kinda probely need anyone that can make me a great/ awssom madness song for the film aiight just PM me if u are good on that shiit.

- What more can I say......Hmmm..... Yhea I'm also working on my secret project hehe. I'll give u more Info when I know 4 sure the shiit is getti'n done aiight :P otherwise u might get disappointed on me and I don't want that shiit :P heheh

- One more thing guys! I have Finally made my NEW officially logo tell me if u can read it right ok I really need to know pefore I publish/ use it in any of my films.

- I'll leave yall whit one thing a VIP M.r PiC ; )


To watch my logo in animation/ action go to:
http://vel0x.deviantart.com/art/Aeon-S tudio-Epic-Design-107357642

What I have Done....

Posted by Vel0x - October 9th, 2008

Sup! Yall

I hope that I can trust yall on this one ok ; ] SO READ THIS BEFORE DOING ANYTHING OK :P

I got some awssom new new's!!! I'm soooooooooo kind to se all off my madness character's that I'm planing on to use in Madness Resurrection so take a look at them and do this things:

1). Look at it on NG or at: http://vel0x.deviantart.com/art/Madnes s-Resurrection-Character-100242203
(For better resulotion)

2). Tell me what u think + whitch one u like the moste :P

3). Tell me if u got any better names on any of them and I'll think about it ok ; ]

4). Tell me if u think I should change anything on any off them

5). Moste inportant of all of them. DO NOT STEEL THEM, AND TELL THAT THEY ARE YOUR'S!!!!! CUZZ THEY AREN'T YOUR OK!!!
Evryone of the character's was made by me (Vel0x) except for N.E.O ok I don't kinda know ho came up whit the design but I tell u the design of him ain't mine completly ok :P

-[!!!Uppdate!!!]- 12/10 - 08

So guys I think I'm done whit making character's So now I'll go back to where I starded XD Se yall!
Here's the character's!!

Use the same old link to se it in better resulotion X3


Posted by Vel0x - October 2nd, 2008

DAAM! Sometimes I h8 when i gotta make uppdates on Dante =[ But what's gonna take time now is uppdating his all off his 42 hands! =[ soooooooooo this is gonna take sometime guy's, After the uppdate can I contuinue whit Madness ressurection.

-[I'll Uppdate this hands uppdate so yall know how meny I got left]-
I have to uppdate 28/42 hands =[ after that can I go back to what I was doing whit :/

IF! u are asking why it going to take so mutch time?
Cuzzz When i'm working whit flash or whit my project I onley get like 3-4 hours, not every day cuzz School take moste off my time...... =[

Any way her's a pic off the new uppdate on Dante version 2,5!!
NOTE: The red squres are what's been uppdated! :D

Pm me if u got any Q's or just give me a comment

Dam! Uppdate Aigen

Posted by Vel0x - September 22nd, 2008

Posted by Vel0x - September 20th, 2008

I'm So glad that I did make the trialer and even better now it's done :P So guys it will be out on Madness Day 08! I hope that u will like it :P


Enjoy The PiC!

So Guys The Trialer Is Done